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Dear Tirgan 


Here I am, finally, writing my very first blog.  After almost eight years of reading blogs and promising to myself that one day I would eventually write my own blogs (read it memoire), the moment of truth is here and I owe it to you dear Tirgan.  The spell is broken.

Here I am writing about you, when you are almost at the corner, knocking at our door.  So, kudos to you my friend, you have made a blogger out of me at last.

Here I am, fashionably late!!, trying to capture all the moments that I have had with you, while we are getting ready to celebrate your third birthday in Toronto.

Wait a minute ... Are you really three?  You were born in 2006 I assume, then you must be five by now. Is that so?  You seem very mature for your age now that I am thinking about it.  It cannot be....You must be older.... Yes you are 13, just a teenager as young as my years in Canada.  Isn’t it true? No...?