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  Media Conference Schedule Tirgan 2013      
  Visitors can now watch Tirgan 2013 performances on the Tirgan Live website      
  Firouz Naderi from NASA, Guest of Tirgan 2013      
  Backgammon Fundrasing Event in Support of Tirgan      
  Community Bike Ride in Support of Tirgan Festival      
  Ontario Government Grants $75,000 to Tirgan      
  MPP Reza Moridi, Honorary Patron of Tirgan 2013      
  First Self Funded Female Space Tourist, the Honorary Chair of Tirgan 2013        
  Tirgan Celebrates Yalda Night      




Festival Backgrounder


 Tirgan Festival Backgrounder

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Tirgan Facts


 Tirgan Quick Facts

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Tirgan Logo


 Tirgan Festival Logo

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