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In order to appeal to a wide range of audiences, we aim to showcase performances ranging in various styles of Iranian music including traditional and folkloric to jazz and electronic.



Emphasizing on our internationally acclaimed artists, we are including styles from ballet to folklore. The contrast between these styles will offer an engaging and provocative opportunity to muse, enjoy, and learn all at the same time.



As a form of art, theatre is perceived to be very alive and thriving in Iran. The audience will enjoy various theatrical styles from traditional to contemporary musical drama.



We plan to have world-class Iranian directors and cinematographers. They will screen their work and hold lectures and workshops


Visual Arts

The works of Iranian artists will be displayed, ranging in various forms and styles.
Visual Art



Poetry and literature are prominent aspects of the Iranian culture. Highly acclaimed writers will read from their novels and deliver talks. We will also commemorate a renowned literary figure, whose work has influenced Iranian literature and far beyond.


Youth Activities

Children will enjoy a variety of fun activities such as face painting and drawing. They will also have an opportunity to attend performances and workshops in music and dance as well as storytelling in English and Persian.
Children Activities



Tirgan Magazine serves as an entertaining information source that intertwines events taking place at the festival with thought-provoking articles. Tirgan Magazine prides in presenting modern and original ideas about the Iranian culture, in addition to reaching out and relating to diverse communities worldwide.


Taste of Iran

Iranians may have very diverse opinions on social, cultural, and political issues, but their love for Iranian food is unanimous. They take a great deal of pride in their cuisine, which offers a variety of regional meals that are very different in terms of staple and spice. Taste of Iran features a wide range of cuisine that consists of regional food and drinks, served by a number of successful and well known Iranian restaurants in Toronto.


Market & Crafts

The festival plans to have several shops in the market section. Such shops include arts and crafts, jewellery, hand-made carpets, English and Persian literature, sweets, dried fruits and nuts, spices, and Iranian musical instruments.