Tirgan 2013 Presents: Hope

The theme of Tirgan 2013 is ‘Hope’ and the festival’s multitude of world and Canadian premiers in traditional, contemporary, and transitional styles of dance, music, theater, literature, film, and visual arts will be inspirited by this central theme.

This year’s theme is inspired by the legend of Arash, an ancient Iranian archer who lost his life by shooting an arrow that brought hope, peace, and prosperity to all. The legend of Arash is timeless, and for thousands of years children have listened to the story of Arash and later passed it on to their own children. Symbolizing an everlasting, eternal component of our being as well as our collective hopes, aspirations, and dreams, the legend of Arash continues to inspire many artistic and literary creations. This legend is what led to the birth of Tirgan.

Please check out the Tirgan 2013 Short Story Contest as well as the HOPE Photo Contest, both inspired by this year’s theme.